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About us

Infotek Plus has proven its integrity and efficiency for 15 years.

Infotek Plus was founded in 1997 as a phone support service. A 1-900 line was set up so people could call a technician who would help guide them through solving their IT problems.

But people wanted more, they needed a hard drive, a modem or a video card. So the founder had to finally give in and open a store, a place where people could stop by in person.

That is how Infotek Plus became a store, or almost a store, since it is really a workshop, where the work is done right in front of your eyes by a technician who is on site 12 hours a day.

We also offer remote services, making house calls at your residence or business for:

  • Hardware installation
  • Network configuration
  • Repairs

Our technicians are ready to serve you in-store and are ready to answer all your questions concerning your computer and how it works.

Take advantage of their expertise, ask your questions while waiting for your computer to be repaired! Drop by the store and see for yourself!


Improve the performance of your computer!

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